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Odd sight at local airport

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  • Odd sight at local airport

    Yesterday I went to the airport(KBLM) that is about two miles away from my house, and just when I was about to leave I turned and saw behind me a truck parked with this thing on it with a tarp over it, and then realized there was a nose cone and fins sticking out from underneath it. I want to know if anyone knows what the heck this thing is. I don't think its real because it wouldn't just be sitting there like that. Maybe just a prop for something? Looks pretty real and heavy duty though.

    Here it is with the whole truck.

    And a close-up. - playing guitar

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    Looks a lot like a Nike Hercules missile.

    They've been out of service for ages so if that is what it is, then perhaps the missile is being prepared for static display.


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      Yeah that looks like it.Thanks for the info.

      I went back yesterday and the truck was still there but not the missile. It was pretty cool seeing it there. - playing guitar


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        Ahhh, the cold war. So much excitement...
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