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    A moment that most of us were waiting for...

    Rockstar games released a trailer for it's newest product: GTA IV

    The game is placed in the New York City (again ). The main character is a guy with an Eastern European accent...probably with Russian guess is he is either a Russian spy in US or a former KGB member or a mafia connected person. The guy says "Life is complicated...I killed people, I smuggled people, I sold people...perhaps life here will be different..." Soudns and looks interesting...the graphics is amazing. I'm trying to dig as much info about it as I can.
    Link to the trailer (warnin loads long as half of the world is watching it right now):

    More info for gta fans (from wikipedia):

    In the first trailer released, there are a number of vehicles shown. These include road vehicles such as convertible sports cars, pickup vans, police cars, trucks, and at least two kinds of taxi, as well as other vehicle types such as boats and cable cars. It is currently unknown which vehicles are controllable.
    The trailer also shows numerous types of NPC (non-player characters) including people of various builds, gender, race, age and profession. NPCs can also interact with objects such as shopping bags, carrier bags, books and magazines. As usual for the GTA series, no children are seen in the game.

    I guess it ends rumors about GTA IV being set in London, UK....

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    I have mixed feelings on this one. Of course, the graphics look awesome, and the map appears to be quite large too, but - it's just no real GTA to me.
    GTA means that while the cities are modelled after real cities, and that pretty good, GTA was always made in a cartoonish way as far as graphics go, and not real-world like the new one. I'm a bigtime fan of the GTA series and have had all games that are available for PC, but I'm not sure if I'll get this one. This needs more trailers to convince me.


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      I dont know, A little too much IMO. I think it might be an early april fools day prank. The character graphics look really cartoony. Also, did anyone else see the building that had a giant sign on it saying, "Getalife?" lol. The city looked a bit too much like New York as well. Times Square, Wallstreet, Coney Island. Chrysler Building..
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        I thought you were going to tell us you got a job or something. Fancy intro Pat.


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          haha I have a job :P lol I just wanted to catch your attention

          Just found official screenshots:

          I should add that the screenies come from an official gaming website and were take during the GTA IV presentation on Play Station 3.


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            Boo, when will they finally come out with one for Toronto?

            "GTA: GTA" sounds like a cool title for the next release!


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              Originally posted by avro_arrow_25206
              Boo, when will they finally come out with one for Toronto?
              About a year ago I was waiting for a subway with my bud and we saw that article in some magazine that the next GTA will be set in Toronto. It didn't say the titile, not the release date but said that you will be playing with a character coming from Trinidad & Tobago and the main action will be set on Finch & Jane intersection...hmm gossips are everywhere, all the time. Remember when everyone thought that GTA IV will be set in London (UK) ? LOL I wish GTA will go to Europe some day :P


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                So will the game take place in actual NYC or will they give it a different name, such as in the previous GTA games?




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                  Well, the police car seen in one shot has LCPD on it, so I suspect it will still be Liberty City, though I'm still not convinced LC will be the only city in GTA:IV.