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  • Cam - Goes to Europe!

    Well it looks like I'm headed to Europe. I'm meeting up with my brother who will be on leave from The Country of Peace and Love (Afghanistan). We will be meeting up in London around the 20th of June. From there we will travel around the continent.

    It looks as if I will be flying Zoom because of costs (I wanted to fly AC, dale...I was looking forward to a 777 flight, but the cost is almost $400 more). So it will be Gatwick for the flight over. Then it CDG for the return leg home.

    If there are any suggestions from natives on locations to see and things to do, speak up. We have about 2 1/2 weeks, Eurail passes, and an international drivers licence. So it should be a good time. I will be bringing my D40, so I will be sure to get some good pics.
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    lucky [email protected]

    have fun man..... and grab me a couple safety cards, would yeh?


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      Have a good trip.


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        Hey Cam, I hope to be in Hallifax on the Victoria Day weekend with Curtis. We shall have to drink a beer or two and discuss how we will shoehorn you into a seat on Zoom Airlines.

        Good to hear you will be seeing your brother. Use that $400 and have a good time with him.


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          make sure you visit Belgium, Antwerp is by far the nicest city here.


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            Why is the power output in Europe so great, as in 230V vs. 110v?
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              I will be in Europe from the beginning of July to the beginning of August.
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                Hi Cam,
                If you happen to come around Switzerland, just drop me a PM or mail and I'll be glad to help you with any advice needed or to show you around if I'm not abroad...


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                  If you want tips for Germany, drop me a pm.


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                    Question, Questions, Question

                    Alright. This "Great European Adventure" is getting near and I have some questions about it.

                    1) Money. What are the ATM fees like in Europe and can I get by with a credit card for every purchase? What about cash?

                    2) Eurail pass - Can I get that IN Europe no problem or do I have to pre-purchase?

                    I will have some more as the trip get closer. Thanks in advance for your responces

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                      1) from an Australia experience it was cheaper to use your debit card and take out $500.00 at a time. The Royal Bank charged us $5.00 per transaction and the exchange rate was better.

                      2) the Eurail pass is cheaper in Canada.


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                        With getting a Eurail pass and traveling on trains. Is booking required or can I get a seat at the station on the next train out?
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