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Last Pacific Western Airlines B762

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  • Last Pacific Western Airlines B762

    The last of the only two B762's that were purchased by Pacific Western Airlines left the Air Canada fleet on May 7th/07. Pacific Western purchased C-GPWA and C-GPWB in the mid 1980's. They were B767-275's with PW JT9D-7R4D engines. PW sold them to Air Canada and they entered the fleet in April 1985. Both acft had small cargo doors on the front (like American) and they were hated by Air Canada Cargo as they couldn't carry pallets, only containers.

    Fin 671, C-GPWA, delivered April 30, 1985, left the fleet away back on October 1st, 2002 and went to the desert in Mojave.

    Fin 672, C-GPWB, also delivered April 30, 1985, left last week as AC7060 on May 7/07 and it has gone to the desert in Marana.

    The Cargo department is celebrating!

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