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    Originally posted by pkonowrocki
    Aight. because I know that weed kills your brain fact it does kill less than when you pull an all niter. Anyway I guess smoking it from time to time is not least not as bad as ciggs.
    I'd hold on to all the brain cells you can if I were you


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      Originally posted by Paul Maier
      no one has died from smoking cigarettes.

      That's the same as saying that no one has ever died from AIDS, or surgery, or even getting hit by a car. If you're going to say that people only die from complications, then you'd hardly have anything left that does cause death.


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        Actually maybe noone has ever died of actually smokng cigarettes meaning that you don;'t die at the moment of smoking but later becasue you get cancer etc. With weed is that noone has ever died either during smoking or later because of it.
        Reminds me of this:


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          im sick of all these fear mongers who go about saying-
          cigarettes will kill you,
          guns will kill you,
          terrorists will kill you,
          drugs will kill you.

          yes this is all true, but i tell you what it really really true, we all die in the end, so shouldnt we be doing what we WANT to do rather than what we are told we shouldnt?
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            Marijuana has been linked to schitzophrenia.
            No makeovers please .....


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              Had to digg that one.

              Been driving home today and heard on the news that smoking one joint of marijuana with a standart ammount of it is much less harmfull than cigarettes. It's been scientifically prooved that one cigarette is the equivalent of 5 marijuana joints. Plus weed does not include all the bad chemicals that are in cigarettes. And it does not cause as much brain damage as it was believed to and doesnt kill that many brain cells. So lets all smoke weed now...if only it was cheaper


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                Originally posted by pkonowrocki
                So lets all smoke weed now...if only it was cheaper
                and if only it was legal.. But then it would be even more expensive


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                  What's the whole point of smoking something anyways?!?! Better to die from old age than Lung Cancer. And it's also illegal!



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                    Originally posted by z740
                    What's the whole point of smoking something anyways?!?!
                    Some people see smoking as a way of relieving stress, similar to people who drink lots of booze, stuff themselves up with chocolate, or other stuff. Personally I don't see much sense in that, but in essence you can say that everyone has his own personal vice, whatever it may be. I think I need some Coke now.

                    (the liquid Coke, not the white powder stuff)


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                      Originally posted by philip
                      he is absolutely right - people died because of lung cancer not from smoking cigarettes...
                      ^^ WTF ....You smoke that shit, the shit gets into your lung, your lung will be black, because of all that shit in your lung, in the bottom end, your smoke caused this..thus smoking kills !!!!!

                      Lesson 1.

                      To all you smokers out there..... Dont smoke !!!

                      Imagine what a pack of cigarettes would do. If you are going to damage your lungs, at least get high while doing so.
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                        Originally posted by MaxPower[i
                        If you are going to damage your lungs, at least get high while doing so.[/i]


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                          Smoking Marijuana so far has shown its sligtly less dangerous to your BODY than cigarettes.

                          Studies have shown that smoking as little as ONE joint can have permanent psychological effects.

                          It has schitzophenia links... people have terrifying flashbacks in the future.

                          It is NOT a safe drug, and it causes many many people long term psych effects.

                          Yes, it is used as a medicinal pain reliever. It is used for a small number of people in a situation where other options have been tried, and the long term side effects of marijuana use aren't as important as treating the problem. (EG in the elderly with severe pain, the terminally ill).

                          Just don't do it!