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What not to do when you just got your driver's license

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    Seems to me that, wherever you are, driving has become so bad that even newly qualified drivers ignore the basics.

    Tailgating, speeding, cutting in, jumping lights - you name it, it's ok these days! Well it is if you are the person doing it. To be honest i don't know how many people actually get a licence these days.

    Which is why the filth use unmarked cars and are getting sneaky. Drive like a prat and expect to get nicked, sounds right to me.



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      Originally posted by Airbus_A320
      What I hate is people who put on their signal believe just doing so makes it ok for them to cut you off to get into your lane even if you are about to pass them, or they don't have much space between you and their car.
      At least those folks put on their signal to begin with.
      I'm normally not a fast driver, as I rather to keep fuel consumption to a minimum, but every once in a while I want to take advantage of the Autobahn, and whenever I do, it is almost a surefire guarantee that some idiot on a straight road will pull to the left lane without any signal to over a 100-kph car while doing 105kph himself while I'm closing in fast with 180kph and have to brake the hell out of my car. Can't count the times I wanted to just pull over those idiots and beat the hell out of them.

      Then of course, there are the folks that start speeding once you try to overtake them, or those that re-overtake you and immediately go down to slow speed that caused you to overtake them to begin with. Both cases speak of the typical "Small penis" problem, in that there thinking is to the degree of "If that guy overtakes me, he challenges my manliness" or some f'd up thinking like that.

      But best of all are still the "Elefantenrennen" (elephant races), when one truck tries to overtake another with a 2-kph difference, especially uphill. In a situation like you might as well just aim for the next best rest or parking area and wait 5 minutes.