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Vegas, here I come!

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  • Vegas, here I come!

    Going to Vegas (first time) and staying at the Luxor! If staying there, what rooms offer a decent view of hte airport?

    We will stay 3.5 days there. What should I do whilst there? Ideas?

    Please tell me what I should not miss.

    On the last day, we will rent a car and drive to LAX. ideas for spotting there? Should we eat at the Encounters restaurant at LAX?
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    There will be Hispanics handing porn to everyone on some street corners. It's free.
    Do ride the Stratosphere's roller is perched above a eally tall building and ofers several views of the strip. RIDE IT AT NIGHT!

    Also, ride the New York New York's Manhattan Express Roller Coaster. It is one of the twisted one is America.

    AS for Luxor, I believe you'll want a room facing towards the strip (Las Vegas Blvd.) Luxor itself is an AWESOME resort. It is really nice...they have a movie theatre, a movie with moving seats, casinos, and much more. Check out the pool there; I've heard it is one of the best. There should be a swim-up bar there..I klnow its in one of the mega hotels!

    Ventur out of LUxor for much of the day( and night!). If you want a good view of the strip, but care to remain around the central hotel section, do take the time to ascent the Eiffel Tower model in Paris Hotel! It is surround by the strip, as opposed to the stratosphere, which is much more North than the other hotels.

    If you care to do some golfing, there are several excellant golf courses opn the strip itself. THe Desert Inn Golf Course comes to mind...

    Also, take the time to watch Bellagio's dancing fountains! ANd don't miss out on MGM Grand's amusement park. And of course, catch some show or another while you are in Vegas!

    That should clear some things up!

    As for LAX, I've NO clue! I've never been there. HOwever, I must highly recommend another trip from LAS: Hoover Dam. It is not too far away from the city of Las Vegas, and it is worth the sight. You can take dam tours- there are two kinds of tours: The Normal tours, and the Hard Hat tour! If you take the hard hat tour, You recieve a hard hat you can keep!