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Anybody own any airline clothing?

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  • Anybody own any airline clothing?

    I have my NWA hooded sweatshirt that i wore almost every day to school last year. I also have an Eastern Airlines L-1011 t shirt. Does anybody here have any airline t shirts or clothing?
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    I had a few Singapore Airlines T-Shirts when I was a kid.
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      I've got a Qantas 75th Anniversary T-Shirt
      An ASA t-shirt
      An AirTran T-shirt (route map circa Summer 1999)
      A Delta T-Shirt (this one has the Delta Family Tree on the back)

      A Delta MD-11 hat
      A Northeast Yellowbird hat


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        I had a TWA twin globe shirt

        I have a MetroJet ball cap and a MetroJet T-shirt


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          Virgin UpperClass sleep socks
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            I have an america west shirt from signing up for a credit card.


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              Originally posted by Katamarino
              Virgin UpperClass sleep socks
              I couldn't agree more (some of the most comfortable socks ever made, plus they have planes on them ). I got a good amount of VS stuff after some friends had flown it to London.

              I have one airline T-Shirt: An American Airlines 727 "Something Special in the Caribbean" shirt that I picked up at Miami airport a few years ago (it was too big for me then, so it fits me now)

              I also have various care kits, or whatever u want to call them, from various business and first classes (I use a swissair one when I'm traveling). The only bad part is that I was never on any of these flights (only flown first once (New York to Chicago on an AA F100 when I was about 6)).

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                Yeah I have two Air Canada Formula One "Montreal" baseball caps. One from 2001 and one from 2002. Black and beige respectively.


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                  I have a:

                  Delta t-Shirt
                  Delta Collar shirt
                  ASA t shirt

                  Chronic Airlines Shirt (off ebay)



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                    I have the following:
                    -USAir shirt
                    -Delta shirt with an MD-11 & titles "Above & Beyond"
                    -Delta Shirt with the "Deltaflot" tail & 4 777s on it
                    -"Delta Air Lines" T-shirt
                    -American "Caribbean Team" shirt, with a 727 & "San Juan, PR" on the back.
                    -American Eagle "San Juan: 1993 Hub of the year" shirt with Shorts 360 tail on it.
                    -2 American Eagle Caribbean hats
                    -2 ValuJet visors




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                      The only clothes I have is my first officer pilot suit. I also have a tshirt of a Blue Angels Demo flight squadron.