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    [quote="ADG"]Glad to see someone has something nice to say about though Jeffinden, but it would have been better if it had been because it's what you believe rather than a failed attempt to piss someone off

    You can call me Den is where I live.

    So now you are an expert on what I belive? That's a good one. I could care less about pissing you off over a review. To be honest, and to the point, I could really care less about anything you write. I can not make that anymore clear. Believe that. No ill will, I just don't care in the least.

    But now that we are on the topic, why do you care what anyone says about that site, why should you care? You have been kind of anal on the topic of lately haven't you? I happen to like it for what it is, I have had zero problems there.

    I like this place for what it is as well. Things are getting much better here as I figured they would, in time it will give a run for it's money, but it is not there yet.

    I'm fairly sure you will write back with something witty, you really don't have to waste you time, unless you are trying to impress the kiddies...




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      Hi Jeff in Den (Denmark? Denver? The Den(study).....

      using '['quote']' and' [/'quote']' will get that quote stuff working for you (wonder if that will work).....

      If you could care less about what I say/do, then why don't you?

      I can't remember (and correct me if i'm wrong) making any statement that would suggest that you must feel as I do about that other site. Maybe you have a reason for being so defensive? Although I can't say it's an issue for me.

      No makeovers please .....