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  • About my last post in this forum

    I am making a seperate post because some of you may not care to read my reply in that one about the spider bite...

    ...Even though my title said BEWARE: VERY GRAPHIC, I have taken down the images. I am sorry some of you had to see that. Note that my intentions were not to sicken you. I cannot make a link becasue they are from a friend of my family (who was the one who got bit while moving a wood pile away from a house while fighting wildfires last year.)

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    I didn't think the photos were that bad. Sure they weren't something that I would want to look at while eating, but it's not like you were depicting victims of car accident scenes. Besides, you warned us. That was good enough for me. Nonetheless, I thought it was a good gesture of you for taking the pictures out after someone complained.

    A very responsible forum member!