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  • My new forum

    I just started up this forum:

    It's aimed at those who enjoy NZ aviation. Whether it be Simulated, real or in miniature but mainly focusing on real life.

    I'm currently trying to figure out how to promote it but anyway if there's anyone here that enjoys aviation "down under" then by all means feel free to join.

    I'm not to sure if I shall do this but I was thinking of having a prize for the 50th person to join or something.

    Anyway, feel free to post comments about my forum.

    P.S. it's just a small thing I started, in no means is it mean to be a rival to Jetphoto's so don't take it the wrong way.


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    i was reading the forums and it looks like you have an interseting bunch. good luck with the forums and lets hope that Terror 911 doesn't start some huge riot or anything. it is also a weird username. wishing you the best of luck. oh, for advertising you should try A.NET or any other aviation website that you can think of. if you keep posting in the thread it will keep it near the top so more people will se it. just make sure the posts are worth something so the thread doesn't get deleted.



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      I wouldn't suggest adrvetising your forum on other avaition related forums (such as i.e. becasue most of them have rules against advertising. On you get banned for advertising other sites. All you can do is encourage friends etc. to join but with the ammount of avation forums that exist on the net....good luck !


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        Im pretty sure anet will charge you 200 bucks an hour for the time it is online. Best of luck.