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Airline generosities

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  • Bok269
    VX maybe? CO if you were in the Bethune era?

    I have a ton of free stuff from a major NY-based airline due to an inside connection I have.

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  • turbotraker
    started a topic Airline generosities

    Airline generosities

    When I was in college, I had to do an oral exam (before anyone asks, its a talking exam about your chosen subject to the rest of the class!!). My chosen subject was aircraft.

    I wrote to 40 international airlines to see what, if anything, I could get out of them for free to aid my exam.

    Out of the 40 airlines only 3 replied to my letters, one of these airlines sent me a stack of goodies FREE, posters, keyring, in-flight videos and wished me well.

    Has anyone else been on the receiving end of airline generosities?

    Can anyone guess which international airline was so generous with me?
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