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  • What's the name of that movie

    Ok one last stupid thread from me. So I am working on my assignemnt for International Relations course and I need a movie for a reference. So I remember back in 2004 or 2005 w.e. the difference in my world issues class we watched some movies about the situation in Africa. I didn't really pay attention to most of them but the two movies got stuck in my head. And I thought they would be perfect for my assignment. So the first one was Hotel Rwanda and the second one i can't remember the tile. So all I know is it was about an issue in Africa. It's pretty much an action movie mixed with a bit of a documentary. So here's a short description. It all starts in London (I think it's London) on a conference about Africa where a guy meets this woman and they argue but then they fall in love with each otehr and boom she has to leave the guy and go to Africa (I think she was a journalist). So she leaves and goes and disappears. The guy being desperate goes to Africa to find his wife (they got married). He travelles pretty much through the whole Africa to find his wife. She also worked as a doctor helping with kids having AIDS. So he goes to all those places and tried to get any info about her. He also sees all teh poverty and violence going on in Africa. After some time he finds out that she was killed by a group of African rebels and is asked to identify the body to make sure it's his wife. Being so upset about the fact that hiswife was killed, he decides to travel to the place where his wife's body was found. takes him some time to travel to that dangerouse place (I think it was Somalia, not sure though). The coincidence has it that he also gets shot in the exactly same place as his wife, also by African rebels. Now that's where the movie ends. The problem is that I've watched it quite a long time ago and I probably mixed some facts and the order but if anybody knows the tiltle of the movie or has any ideas PLEASE tell me. It's really important to me as I just can't remember the damn title. Thanks in advance !!!

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    The Constant Gardener? Sounds a little bit different though.


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      yea i'd also say "The Constant Gardener"....


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        Yes that's the one !!
        Thanks a lot for your help. Really appreciated as I am using this movie in my assignemnt. As I said my description might be different because I watched it like 3 years ago and dint really pay attention. Anyway huge thanks for help