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  • A Hunting Story

    This is a hunting story. Now it is a bit "dirty" at the end so don't read it if you are offended easily. I hope it's as good as some of the ones from Rob. My neighbour, Denis is like Rob, he remembers jokes and stories.

    Marge was always upset that George went hunting and left her alone on the weekends. She was tired of being alone. One day she thought maybe she should join George on a weekend hunting trip. Marge checked the long range weather forecast and saw that the next weekend was promising temperatures of 18c and it was going to be sunny.

    Marge told George at dinner that she wanted to join him for the next weekend and she was interested to see why he liked going hunting so much. The week progressed and Marge was ready to go. Well doesn't Saturday dawn and it is 5c and cold and rainy and just a miserable day. Marge tells George that its a terrible day and there is no way they can go hunting. George says "no way, this is a great day, these are the best days to go hunting". Well there is no way Marge wants to go out in this weather. George thinks for a minute and then says "Well if you don't want to come hunting I'll give you two options, either allow me anal sex or give me a blow job".

    Marge is not impressed with either option, however she doesn't want to go hunting. Finally she relents and tells George that she will give him a b/j. George is really happy. Marge moves into postion and starts to give George his b/j. All of the sudden she pulls her mouth off his penis and says, "hey that tastes like shit!". George replies, "well the dog didn't want to go hunting either."

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    LMFAOOO now that's a dirty joke...