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How much do YOU hate yourself?

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  • How much do YOU hate yourself?

    Well, I've gotta say...I really think I'm a moron! Here's what happened to me...

    MAY 2003

    I get these four pages filled with assignments to do for various courses over the summer. To sum it up, I have to go to two places, watch two historic movies, read one historic book, and read the following: a pulitzer prize book, a bestseller book, and a play. Oh, and I have to write a 5 page paper on each...

    AUGUST 2003

    I read all the books, and now I'm staring at a blank word document. that's right...i have to write about 40 pages size 10 font, no double spacing! Call it a schoolboy's anger, but I'm pissed. Oh yeah, School starts on Monday. My dad thnks im done with it all, so he can't catch me working on anything....

    Life stinks!

    certified Procrastinater

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    Doesn't that suck! When I was a junior in college, I went on a study abroad program for the spring semester. Basically, all I had to do was write two papers in each of the two classes I was taking over at the British uni.

    I was over there for right about four months. The easter break was the first four weeks in April. After that, I had three more weeks and then I got to go home. The regular term paper in each class was due the first day back from Easter Break. I was not required to sit for examinations, but as a substitute I had to submit an additional term paper due right before it was time to leave for home. These term papers were supposed to be in the 10+ page range minimum.

    At the first due date, I ended up having ZERO work done despite dragging some library books and some printed articles through seven different European countries on my two-and-a-half week trip. I actually decided to go home to America for a week at the first part of the Easter break, even though I should have stayed there and worked on my term papers!

    Ended up turning the first two late for a penalty and the last two on the last possible day. Made me a nervous wreck!

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