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4 killed in high school shooting in Cleveland, OH

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    As far as being more authoritive with upbringing, I dont know that that would have helped here. Based on previous school shootings, this kid was probably not some gangbanger but a loner who was simply mad at the world. Doesn't excuse it, but I dont think if his parents spanked him it would have made a difference. Just speculation at this point.


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      Yeah, I hear ya, Greg. I hate the way this generation has turned out. Being as arrogant as humanly possible is the "cool" thing to do, and compassion has flown out the window.

      I remember when a cop was shot out here in the mid-90s(right behind SFOs runway 1R on the freeway) and how horrible we all thought it was and all the condolences that went out to his family(which his wife died just 2 years later leaving his young children all on their own ). It really had nothing to do with him being a cop, it was the fact he was a member of our community, a father and a husband. And that his life was taken from him. It was huge news around here for months. Not just in my city itself, but the whole penninsula.

      Now fast forward just 10 years, and look at what its become. A cop was shot in San Mateo, with a highschool kid on a ride along who dove to the floor and made the officer down+location call and therefor made sure the murderer was arrested. Too bad not everyone knew about it, because all it made was the 4th page of the paper and a 2 minute news story sandwhiched in. Never even mentioned the cops name. 3 people were stabbed to death a few miles away last month over the weekend, and all the article was about was how its disturbing the neighbors to see this stuff happen in their middle-class neighborhoods. No words of sympathy for the victims who were murdered and robbed outside their own homes.

      My grandma lives in a small city in the outskirts of Minneapolis near MSP. Shes lived there for over 40 years with no incidents. Her house has been broken into and robbed twice in the past 2 years. And Narcotics officers are knocking on the door all the time asking her to report any drug deals she sees happen in these suburbs full of white retired people well into their 60s and 70s. Its not even safe to walk the dog in her middle-class neighborhood there anymore. Instead of Oldsmobiles and Lincolns cruising by, you see nothing now but black SUVs and pimped out cars with the wheels trippled in size wizzing by with the subwolfers shaking the whole house. All this in a period of just 3 or 4 years?

      What is this shit? I didn't even HEAR about the school shooting until I read about it here. And I do read the paper and watch the news almost daily. Has it become that routine? We're talking about a highschool kid shooting classmates or teachers.

      I pitty to think what people my age will be like as adults in this world.