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RWC 2007 - Finals

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  • RWC 2007 - Finals

    OK team - It's the "Final Countdown". The last two countries with a vested interest in RWC 2007 - "us" and "them Islanders" - await the final. Only the French could organise a strike to make life difficult come the day. One wonders if the strike would have been contemplated, had France not been evacuated from les Tournament.

    Rugby fever has hit SA in a BIG way, as one would expect - many schools and businesses are uniting and the "wearing of the Green (and Gold)" has been and will take place from hereon in. While most of us acknowledge that we are in for a battle with England, we are confident that we will win this final. Some aspects of this RWC have been rather "fun" to observe on this side of the pond.

    Such as:

    The ANC have up until a few days ago, taken every opportunity to slam Rugby and the Boks - now they are giving them their full support and calling on "the country" to do the same. Effing political cunch of bunts !!!

    Bok Rugby jerseys are VERY scarce - and EXPENSIVE - I still have my 1995 version which I wore to that final. Seems to have shrunk between then and now - cannot understand why ???

    Office chat has been and is now (obviously) around our performance so far. Consensus is that we will win, but it will not be a HUGE win, perhaps a BIG win, but probably a small(ish) win.

    I have enjoyed the banter between opposing fans from all countries, it's been wonderful and the emanating pearls of wisdom and humour has been fantastic. The joy and humiliation (in some cases) has ranged from the extreme to "Oh well, next time....."

    This has probably been the most "surprising" RWC to date - I wonder how many people predicted a SA/England final, especially after England's drubbing in the pool game - to pick themselves up from that was no mean feat. The exit of three of the "big four" sides in quarters/semis was unexpected - but it happened. Argentina's showing was a breath of fresh air. Drama by the bucket load from things like ref decisions, linesman decisions, citing decisions to last gasp narrow wins/losses (depending which side of the fence one was sitting) as well as overwhelming victories/losses. The showing of the so called "minnows" in some cases. All in all, it's been a great tournament.

    So - Saturday looms and it's England versus The Colonials from down south !!! I look forward to a great swan song for Jake White and a second notch on "les Cup". Good luck to all the English fans and win/loose or draw, as long as we can share a beer afterwards.

    Had to pass this one on.

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    looking forward to this immensely! I hope the Boks give them an absolute smashing this weekend. Habana and Wilkinson are the difference for their respective teams. Hopefully Percy has his kicking boots on too...looking forward to South Africa v Australia in July 2008 here in Perth.

    next trips
    USA/DXB August.