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I'm back.

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  • I'm back.

    Well, I'm now back on dry land on the USA. After spending 14 days in the pacific ocean near Mexico preparing for our next deployment. I really enjoyed it but it sucks sometimes, but the girls on the boat were soooo hot and they're were alot of them too.

    Vulture's Row is soooo AWESOME and I got a few shots from the flight deck.

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    Well, aren't you going to show us some?

    It was a good time wasn't it? Get any shots from back in the Mech shop?



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      Yes, I shot shots from the fantail, the flight deck, and Vulture's Row. I'll be uploading a few today.

      AS for the flight deck shots, they were mainly stills. No take off or landings from the flight deck as I wasn't flight deck qual. My friends thought about dressing me in camies and a green shirt, wearing a cranial and a float coat and pretending to be a PH. hehe.


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        Here is a little sample of what's it's the database.

        Jeff, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't hear about Vulture's Row. But, at first, one of the ship's company on the Stennis that I work with showed me how to get there. After that, I started going whenever I could.
        Also, the day before we pulled back into San Diego, we went on the flight deck for the F/A-18s fly-by. It was suppose to be a supersonic fly-by, maybe it was, but I couldn't tell. We arrived back in San Diego Friday at 0800 and liberty call for 3 days. Now, the Stennis is back underway in the Pacific til the 19th of August but the jet shop didn't need us SEAOPDET'r for the last of the underway period, so they let us go back to our main command.