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Are you scared of spiders...?

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  • Are you scared of spiders...?

    ..cause I am incredilbly scared of spiders. IN fact, my fear of them have become prominent only after seeing two things:

    1) Those pictures of that recluse bite victim's hand that was on this site. THey weren't really gross, I just don't want that on my hand....

    2) My sister drove her car into our driveway, and we niticed that she had accelerated through a spider web that was like 4 feet wide. Then I got out, and saw this spider. Remembering the pictures, I quickly got a torch/flashlight (it was night) and saw that it was a......(drumroll) Brown Recluse. Yeah, I got the friggin spider right on the car, and it HAD REWOWEN MUCH OF THE DESTROYED WEB! IT did all of it in under 10 minutes. That scared the pants of me. And my dad and sister did NOT put it in a bottle OR throw it out of our property...they got a stick and they flicked it on the grass. WE saw it crawl away under a brush.

    So now I'm scared shitless to walk by that area of my driveway....

    What are your thoughts?

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    Yeah, spiders suck.


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      la,la,la I can't hear you.


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        Originally posted by kaddyuk
        Yu prolly **** the spider up more. Imagine being hit by an object

        (in a ration of the car to the spider) its like you being hit by a 737.

        Then being flicked 4 or 5 feet (again by ratio) thats atleast 100-200 feet. by a pole the same diameter as you and about 5 stories tall. not to mention having your home destroyed. I think that the spider prolly died from heart attack.

        Not to freak you out or anything but according to statistics, on average we eat 10 spiders while sleeping in our life time
        Your first point: Well, I suppose I would NOT mind as much if I had an exoskeleton that could sustain it.The analogy is not fully accurate since we lack several components that allow it to do that. For example, the spider lived, but a human would not survive a Car hitting it at a good speed (let alone a 737!). BUt the spider....argh....

        Second: POf course, that's one of the most nown things in the world. So much for being pure vegetarian!


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          God I hate spiders, thankfully we don't have any really dangerous spiders on Long Island. I once went so far as to sleep in my car once when visiting a friend because he had three tarantulas as pets. He totally freaked me out when he took one out and let it crawl all over him. My philosophy is if it has more then two eyes it's evil and should die.

          Oh and Kaddyuk I don't care what statistics say I have never ate a spider while sleeping, never never never!!! Dam I can't sleep now.


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            I've got no problem with spiders. They eat insects that are much more nastier than spiders.