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This is just crazy - Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) gang in LA

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    Originally posted by Tanner_J
    Well I just saw on America's Most Wanted...

    A Texas Sheriff's Deputy was just released from jail for shooting at an illegal immigrant who almost ran him over and hit one of the nine illegals laying in the back of the van...he was expected to be the next elected Sheriff in the town...and can only now work a minimum wage job and barely live...

    Two Border Patrol agents are sitting in jail right now for shooting a man who ran from them...they get to his car and find a million dollars worth of marijuana...the Attorney went after them and he actually gave the man immunity for testifying and lying to get the guards sent to jail. That same man also let the same man go and the guy was entering into America back and forth because that Attorney said it was ok...

    That's the problem.
    Johnny Sutton (the AUSA in both cases and other similar cases) is a lying scumbag. Enough said.


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      Originally posted by Airbus_A320
      Well, a start would have been if the US actually enforced immigration law, but we don't do that, so members can come and go freely as they wish. I know many were from the US to begin with, but many also come and go as they wish across the border. I remember seeing a report where they interviewed one of them, and he said he was deported several times and returned. The first step would be to isolate them in each country so they can't move around as easily. Also, as that youtube report said, prison is a "university" for these guys, so sending them to prison obviously doesn't do anything, so may be a different type of punishment might be in order. But of course most of our politicians are most interested in BS like global warming and gay marriage or getting involved in other countries problems and not hurting anyone's feelings instead actually doing anything about real problems. So nothing will be done. As long as you stay out of rough areas you should be alright. Most of them are cowards and are afraid to leave their territory or travel without their pack.
      Very true. As long as we have areas like the Compton in LA where discrimination and crime are both up, we will have gang problems.

      Originally posted by Airbus_A320
      I for one wouldn't associate with gang members if I were you. Not to many good ways that can end. Unless of course you want to end up dead because some other gang decided to take them out and they saw you hanging out with them, so they thought you were part of the gang.
      True say howevery it's not so sserious in Toronto. As long as your are not a "weak dealer", or a snitch or some other living crap you are safe. We had a few cases of the Crips and the Bloods fights but it's minor and not a big danger to society. Worse things happen at the parts, where drug dealing and poverty are an issue. And those do not involve gang members. I do not associate myself with any gang, however I do support one LA gang (which I wont name here).

      Btw. how did this thread get over 1060 views ?


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        Sheriff Joe should run for President! He handles criminals the way they ought to be treated.
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