I found this via another forum that I belong to (NOT one that condones actions such as the website I'm about to post), and I found it terrifying and hilarious, all at once.
But I must say this as a disclaimer:
This is not what real Christians are like. These are delusional, hate-drivel propelled, evil people who are reminiscent of the Westboro Baptist folks.
Please don't misconstrue this as embodying all of 'Christians'.

They pretty much hate everyone:
Jews, gays, Catholic, even most other Christians. But they think that they're 'god's elect', and so this endows them to slander and hate as much as they want.
As a Catholic myself, I find the 'Convert from Catholicism' forum hilarious, yet sickening.
Feel free to sign up and troll in this online inbred backwoods KKK rally!
Have fun!