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HD Tvs for playstation 3.

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  • HD Tvs for playstation 3.

    So just before Xmas we got a Playstation 3. Currently neither of our Tvs are High Definition, im just wondering, how much of a difference does it make going from regular to high definition when gaming? Is there a noticeable difference in resolving power and such?
    Sam Rudge
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    I've got a 1080p/24p Sony HD LCD linked up to my PS3 and i've got to say that the games i've used with it so far don't actually run at the full resolution (720p not the max 1080p). It's the blu-ray that takes full advantage and when it switches into top res they are simply stunning results.


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      Played 12 hours straight of Call of Duty 4 on a 42 inch 1080p HD TV and it was stunning. Other games (Rainbow 6 Vegas, Ghost Recon) weren't that amazing. But remember PS3 game developers still havent got the most out of the machine yet. If you think what early PS games were like compaired to the last ones made the difference is phenominal so imagine what PS3 games will be like in a year or so.


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        Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge difference. It really is amazingly better.
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