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Who will win the Stanley cup in 2004?

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  • Who will win the Stanley cup in 2004?

    This subject will probably only apply to people in Canada and some in the States, but who do you think will win the Stanley cup in 2004?

    I think the Ottawa Senators, even though many will disagree.

    gocaps16: sorry man, I dont think you guys have a chance this year!


    GO SENS GO!!!!!

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    Let's just wait untill 2011, then it will be an even 100 years since the "Sens" have won a cup. But if a team from Canada does show up to play this year, and does happen to win, it will be the first time in 10 years since a canadian team has won.

    Good luck

    Jeff :P


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      Of course:

      The St. Louis Blues!!!

      A Colombian guy moved by the winds of fate to St. Louis, MO


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        It'll be interesting to see how Colorado does without Roy, but I have a feeling it won't be us.


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          Well, according to the "Canada 10 year rule" I highly doubt it will be a canadian team to win it this for this season. In fact, the 2003 was suppose to be their season, but no...the Flyer's took care of them.

          And for the Caps, I doubt they will also. They stink in the playoffs.


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            The Canucks!!! Unfortunately, they seem to do badly in post-season so we will have to see. 'Nucks was the last Canadian team to make the closest run to the cup-against the Rangers in '94. Those were the days.....

            This is going to be a great season though, with the shuffling of players, such as Federov joining the Ducks and Kariya leaving (forgot to which team). But damn the Red Wings, they better not repeat!

            Game 7 vs. the Blues:

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            No Frontiers


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              The Devils beat the Senators in a heartbreaking 7th game loss. The Sens beat the Flyers in 6!!!


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                SABRES! If they play anything like they did in the second half of the season they will be in contention. And, while on the subject of past play-off games....

                NO GOAL!


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                  Canucks beat the Sens to lift the Stanley Cup. The best two young teams in the NHL have learnt enough to go all the way this year. With the Pens close behind them (well I can dream can't I).
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                    Eastern Conference:

                    1. Ottawa Senators (NE)
                    2. NJ Devils (Atlantic)
                    3. Tampa Bay Lightning (SE)
                    4. Philadelphia Flyers
                    5. Washington Capitals
                    6. Toronto Maple Leafs
                    7. Atlanta Thrashers
                    8. Boston Bruins

                    Western Conference:

                    1. Colorado Avalanche (NW)
                    2. Dallas Stars (Pacific)
                    3. Detroit Red Wings (Central)
                    4. Minnesota Wild
                    5. St. Louis Blues
                    6. Edmonton Oilers
                    7. LA Kings
                    8. Nashville Predators

                    Eastern Finals: Atlanta v. Ottawa Ottawa in 6 games
                    Western Finals: Colorado v. Minnesota Colorado in 5 games

                    Stanley Cup Final: Colorado v. Ottawa Colorado in 5 games

                    I think Colorado has reloaded and is ready to reclaim the Cup. The goalie situation will be interesting, as Aebischer is the #1 by default, but will the goalie situation on another team allow Colorado to pick up a goalie? Could Byron Defoe or Pasi Nurminen be traded by Atlanta to Colorado (Going into camp, Atlanta has three potential starters in net, Dafoe, Nurminen, and Kari Lehtonen, last year's #1 pick)? If Lehtonen shows that he can play in the NHL now, Nurminen or Dafoe will be traded away.