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XBOX, PS2 or Gamecube???

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  • XBOX, PS2 or Gamecube???

    Which one is your favorite???

    Me, I like PS2, although I don't own one...

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    PS2, GameCube has some good games like Metroid Prime and Xbox also has some good games like Halo.....but PS2 has more games to choose from, which is what at last counts for a console to be good (we all know GameCube and Xbox are technically superior).

    Before logging in I was just playing Silent Hill 3.....ahhh disturbing.


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      This was already posted...PS2 all the way. But i actually may be getting an X-Box. I played Halo and Knights of the Old Republic at my friends house and like them a lot.


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        Glad you included N64
        *melancholic* must have spent hours playing "The legend of zelda, ocarina of time"...


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          Ahhh the ol' Zelda and Goldeneye, how to forget them.....
          How to forget Donkey Kong or Top Gear on Snes, how to forget Sonic....

          ahhh the classics!!


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            PS2! Has lots of great games!
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              PS2 for me. I got mine free when I signed up for a mobile phone with Telstra.


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                I've played all three and I must say, the PS2 is by far the most superior. I don't know much about Video gaming but I tend to be picky about the way the controller lays in your hand. THe PS2 controller is so comfortable while the XBOX controller is like holding a cinderblock! Its bulky, and hard to grip.

                PS2 all the way!



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                  PS2's my favorite. Cool games, great graphics, etc. I played an XBox once & wasn't too happy with it....IMO, the graphics weren't very good & the controller was real big, as DeltaASA16 mentioned.

                  I still play my N64 occasionally....I love Goldeneye & Rush 2! I have about 15 games for it.




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                    PS 2 rulezzzzzzzzz. ( TOP GUN IS GA GREAT GAME )
                    My New Photo Name on is DutchAviation!!!!

                    why should we fight about wich aircraft manufactor is better..............

                    thats so childish....

                    because hey we all know boeing is better


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                      frist is my last name, not a type-o


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                        In terms of graphics, power, capabilities, etc., there's no question that the Game Cube is a cut above the rest. The problem (and it is a big one) is the lack of games and of those games, the lack of variety.

                        XBox is a great system graphics and sound-wise, but lacks as much 3rd party support for games compared to the PS2. But of the games that are on both PS2 and XBox, the XBox versions are usually better.

                        PS2 is still a fine system, but just not as good as the other two in terms of hardware. What really helps it is the selection of games.

                        If I were buying a system, I'd probably opt for the PS2, mostly because of what's available.


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                          Game Cube is a cut above the rest
                          Xbox is technically superior to GameCube (and PS2).
                          But as you say, games is what count, and PS2 has the best.


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                            Another vote for PS2 here!


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                              Originally posted by Avianca 757
                              Game Cube is a cut above the rest
                              Xbox is technically superior to GameCube (and PS2).
                              But as you say, games is what count, and PS2 has the best.
                              Yeah, you're right. I always thought Game Cube had the best hardware.

                              Microsoft Xbox (*est. $200)

                              >> Where to buy Most experts echo PC Magazine's Michael Ryan in saying the Xbox is "the most powerful video game system you can buy;" we found at least two reviews in which experts play the identical games on the Xbox, PS2, and GameCube, and say Xbox delivers the best performance. The catch? Software makers are still learning how to take full advantage of the Xbox's power, and the games for this system skew toward the teen crowd. According to news reports, Microsoft is under the gun to pump up Xbox sales—so expect to see an advertising blitz this season. Demand exceeded supply last Holiday season, so this year you might actually find Xbox on store shelves.
                              • Sony PlayStation 2 (*est. $200)

                              >> Where to buy Game fanatics agree that the best software is made for the PS2, though Nintendo is catching up fast with some of its new GameCube titles. The first of the new wave of video game systems, PS2 is backwards compatible with old PlayStation games, further expanding its appeal (the competing Nintendo GameCube doesn’t have the same backward compatibility). This console can also double as a DVD player right out of the box; Xbox needs a $30 accessory to do this and GameCube doesn’t offer the option.
                              • Nintendo GameCube (*est. $150)

                              >> Where to buy This is the best choice if your child is under 15 years old. Reviewers say that for kids (or those who prefer less violent games), GameCube has the most coveted proprietary titles, based on Nintendo’s extensive character library: Metroid, Mario, Kirby, etc. The GameCube's controller is also smaller than its competitors', making it more suitable for small hands. It's $50 cheaper than Xbox or PS2, but can't play DVDs and doesn't have an on-board hard drive. Also, unlike the PS2, the GameCube isn’t backwards compatible with games for Nintendo’s previous systems.