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Anybody work for Southwest Airlines?

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  • Anybody work for Southwest Airlines?

    I'm going to be applying for a summer internship with Southwest. It'd be in their Flight Ops department at the headquarters in Dallas. I was wondering if anybody works for the airline, either as a pilot, management, maintenace, whatever. You know what they say in this busines--it's not what you know, but who you know.
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    Brad I know a stew there named Jan (why is her last name escaping me?). She's been with them 28 years and is just stunning looking. If I see her again I'll get her contact info.

    BTW - You must eat at Campisi's Egyptian Lounge (it has nothing to do with Egypt) on Mockingbird. A legendary mafia restaurant.


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      We have a couple of SWA employees around here, I will let them identify themselves if they want to. I myself am one, I was Customer Service Agent for SWA in STL. I am on a leave of absence currently though so I am not active. Actually have an interview in DAL with them for a diff position *crosses fingers*

      Can't be much more of a help though sorry but good luck and let me know by PM or AIM if you have any questions!

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        Alex lives and breathes Southwest....infact, WN and another topic are the only 2 things he ever talks about.

        I'm applying there this summer, for now just networking with the SFO agents there.