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Has anyone been to Hawaii (Honolulu) before?

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  • Has anyone been to Hawaii (Honolulu) before?

    I'm planning on going there in a few months for 6 nights. Is it worth going to any of the other islands other than Oahu?

    Apart from visiting Pearl Harbour & swimming is there anything else that is a "must do"?

    Transport wise does the Island have a good bus system or is it better to get a taxi everywhere? I'm a confident driver except we drive on the opposite side of the road in New Zealand, also if there was some different road rules it might not be worth getting a rental????

    I've got plenty of time to research but I thought they'd be no harm in asking here to begin with.


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      I spent a good deal of time there over the summer. I only was on Oahu as a connecting point from CO to HA, but I spend time on the Big Island and Maui. The Big Island is alright, its great if you are into hiking (the Volcanoes), nature, etc. Kona is also pretty cool. I liked Maui a lot better. Everyone says the Hana Highway is a must do (unfortunately I did not get a chance to). Its touristy, but is absoultely gorgeous. Overall, I'd say that if you are going to make the trip, it is worth it to see all of Hawaii.


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        Lived in Hawaii the last 20 years. Go to other islands. A LOT better than Oahu.

        Though all the WWII History stuff is on Oahu.
        -Not an Airbus or Boeing guy here.
        -20 year veteran on the USN Lockheed P-3 Orion.


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          Visit Pearl Harbor when you're in Honolulu.

          After that I recommend Kauai.


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            Many times.

            I suggest Kauai, Maui, Hawaii / Kona.
            A couple of days on as many as you can squeeze in. Don't waste your time on a day trip to any island. Not enough time unless you are going Lanai or a remote (non tourist) destination.
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              Each island is different. Oahu/Waikiki is like Vegas with an ocean instead of casinos. Traffic HNL to Waikiki is horrible, there are shuttles to get you to the hotels. You can rent a car there for a day trip around the island. Drive up through the center of the island and circle back on the North Shore, it'll take most of a day. There's a much nicer beach than Waikiki by the old Bellows AFB. Kaui is much more laid back, they call it the Garden Island. Hilo is old school Hawaii and a good starting point to the Volcanoes National Park. Hilo is jungle green (with a black sand beach) and you go through a normal forest and prairie before popping out on to Mauna Loa, which is like the moon. Never got away from the airports on Maui or Lanai so can't say anything about them. One of the coolest things I've done in a plane is loop around Molokai. I'd only seen the south shore of Molokai and from fairly high up. We had an F/E living in HNL working on his pilot certificate who would go flying at the drop of a hat to get his hours up. So we went whale watching in a 172 and on the way back we came around the north side of Molokai at 2000 feet. The north side of Molokai is 3000-4000 vertical cliff with waterfalls pouring out. There was a cloud layer butting up against the top of the cliffs so we were flying in a 15 mile "cave" with water below, a rock wall to the left, clouds above and Alaska off the right. I regret now not doing a touch and go at Ford Island just to say I'd landed there, I understand you can't land there anymore.

              If I can drive in Auckland, you can drive in Hawaii (but park it during rush hour.)


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                There was a day long tour when I was there in basically a C-45 converted to a nosewheel, which went to four islands with a tour on three of them.

                Molokai was the former leper colony, and Lanai was mostly pineapples, but recently a four seasons resort has opened on Lanai, about a 45 minute boat ride from Maui. The road to Hana on Maui is definitely exciting but will take most of the day. Charles Lindberg and his wife are buried on the east end of Maui.

                The sight of hordes of Japanese tourists snapping photos at the Arizona memorial was NOT particularly pleasant. But it is surely worth a visit, and it would be a shame to go to Hawaii and not see it. And there is a great webcam on Waikiki where you can wave at all the JSers.


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                  I recommend Hawaii (the island). Very cool if you are into geology to be able to go into lava tubes and also to see the closed roads.


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                    Originally posted by RadarContactLost
                    I regret now not doing a touch and go at Ford Island just to say I'd landed there, I understand you can't land there anymore.
                    You can't even see the runway anymore.(covered with grass/weeds) There are houses directly at the approach end of runway 22.

                    There is a museum in one of the hangars now. Which is being done in phases(the museum). the current hangar was phase 1, phase 2 is going to be the control tower, then the next phases will be two more hangars. The museum is not much right now, just getting started but has potental to be a very nice one. It covers Pacific Aviation. For the most part WWII.

                    The Navy has been spending a lot of money on the island lately in rehabing the place.
                    -Not an Airbus or Boeing guy here.
                    -20 year veteran on the USN Lockheed P-3 Orion.