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Looking good: Midnight Club: Los Angeles

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  • Looking good: Midnight Club: Los Angeles

    Ahhh, yes. How I love the smell of burning rubber in the morning
    The gaming company, Rockstar Games, the creators of such hits as Grand Theft Auto and....umm...Ping Pong (lol), is now officially pregnant. The baby's name, expected to be born in 2008, for PS, will be Midnight Club: Los Angeles. After the success of Minight Club Dub Edition, I ahve to say Im really looking forward to this title. Both the graphics and the physics seem to be from the top shelf. The action will take place in Los Angeles, CA (duh...) Rockstar Games said that the game itself will be revolutionary, giving the gamer a huuuge map, making the game better that Test Drive Unlimited.
    Take a look at the shots:

    Yumm @ the Saleen

    Can't wait. Gotta run to Best Buy as soon as it's out

    Trailer available at