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    Originally posted by Digger
    Thunder, I'm curious--is that machine down in a pit, meaning all that water will need to be pumped out of there?
    G'day Digger. The machine is in fairly open country. The water will run off/evaporate naturally after all the local rivers drop. The nearby Fairbairn Dam has water over the spillway for the first time since it was built over 17 years ago.

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      Feeling thirsty, TDU?
      Put those machines on barges, man. Water comes, thing s float. Prob solved. That's what we do.
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        Originally posted by Dmmoore
        It's like Southern California, good old "Shake & Bake"Burn all summer so the winter rains can cause mud slides. All in a place that is technically a dessert.
        If that is your dessert, what was your lunch?
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          Here is some business news on the flooding's impact.
          SYDNEY, Jan 24 (Reuters) - BHP Billiton and partner Mitsubishi Corp have declared force majeure on coking coal shipments from Queensland mines that produce nearly half of Australia's coal exports after heavy flooding, driving up spot prices ahead of sensitive annual supply talks.

          * * *
          Resource-rich Queensland has been pounded by heavy rains in the past two weeks, causing flash floods and landslides which have damaged mine equipment and cut access to roads and rail lines.

          Some companies have had to use helicopters to evacuate workers stranded at mines, while the state's emergency services department has dropped food by helicopter to isolated areas and brought in sandbags to construct temporary levees.



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            Is affected?
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