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Good luck Joe (EMU)

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  • Good luck Joe (EMU)

    On your flight check tomorrow!

    GO GET EM!
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    Good luck

    Once you pass you can use your uniform to go pick up some chicks
    You've got to try to find what's right before your eyes-Finger Eleven


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      When he gets his first block of flights we can all book on his flight.

      I'll be at the gate when you come to YYZ.


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        Throwing some lucky Feng Shui coins for ya.

        Break a leg dude.....

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          OH HELL! GOOD LUCK JOE!!!! That is awesome! I'm sure you'll do great!


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            Here is some Nova Scotia fiddle dance story and song to bring you good luck and a pick-me-up!

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              Well here's the update. Checkride pushed back till Monday. My sim partner had one of those days where nothing goes right. Mine went pretty well, but not perfect so the instructor gave me the option of taking the checkride seperately or brushing up on my missed approaches tomorrow while my sim partner is retraining. I'd be stupid to give up extra sim time so Monday is the big day. I feel ready for it though. Thanks for the well wishes.


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                I HATE all simulators. I just had to go back in the damn box for my PC. You'd think the sim would fly better, being that it costs more than an actual airframe. It sucked. At least I passed though.

                Good luck on Monday!
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                  No buzzing the tower now EMU


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                    Good luck from the Refugee Camp, I bet you don't need it. (Little yellow winkie, twinkie smiley here)


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                      Best of luck to you for Monday Joe, and after that you can look forward to working for America's Sorriest Airline .


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                        Good Luck Joe!

                        Keep us posted.


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                          Good luck, and stay away from everything Wright


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                            Joe my fellow Operations Control Managers are quite intrigued that I will actually be able to now carry on a conversatooin with a pilot (you) that will not end with "get in the airplane" or "I pay you to fly, not to think".

                            They feel getting me to stop swearing or drinking will be easier. You will be the one to reform me LOL.

                            Good luck Monday, we are all rooting for you.

                            p.s. Cam posted that great fiddle video and I'm not the fiddler!


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                              Originally posted by ptbodale
                              we are all rooting for you.
                              In New Zealand that would mean; "we are all having sex for you"

                              All the best Joe! Excuse my ignorance but is this a checkride for an airline?