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Any UK NPPL around?

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  • Any UK NPPL around?

    Has anyone done the UK NPPL - can you let me know a bit about what it entailed, how much it cost etc.

    Just discovered that I may not have to remain an earth bound misfit and might be able to enjoy suspended animation in a state of bliss. The reduced medical requirements mean that colour vision isn't a prerequisite for the licence. I know it would be limited to UK airspace in VFR, but hell - thats better than limited to the interweb airspace in VR.

    Wierd feeling - I've known for 20 years that I couldn't get a pilots licence and just found out that 5 years go they changed the rules so I could. Part of me is excited that a dream I thought had gone could become a reality again, the other half thinking 5 years wasted!
    Tongue tied and twisted just an earth bound misfit