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  • Old movie question

    Hi all,
    A lot of interesting stuff going on here, I've spent quite a bit of time reading the posts.

    Some years ago, I saw a movie on tv about a real incident. A bit of digging revealed that it was the ditching in the Pacific Ocean of a Pan Am flight (Boeing 377) owing to engine trouble on 16 October, 1956. It's an interesting story and I'd like to see the movie again, but I can't recall the title. I also don't remember who was in it. It's definitely not "The High and the Mighty" as they made it to the airport.

    Does anyone know the name of this movie?


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    Don't know about a movie but you can read of a number of Boeing 377's throwing propellors. Go to the following link and select "Hstorical Aircraft Accident Reports." You can search by year, location, aircraft type, etc.


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      Perhaps a few more details about the movie in question may jog some memories.

      The movie was made very soon after the incident and was in black and white. Details of what happened differ from source to source, but I recall the movie mostly agreeing with this account
      (scroll to the bottom for the ditching story).