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Severe Weather Outbreak

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  • Severe Weather Outbreak

    Well if you live in the south I guess you already know about the outbreak of severe storms that's been going on today.

    Storm reports for today thus far:

    Apparently MEM and Memphis have been hit, with the Pinnacle hangar there sustaining some damage. Lots more action further east in TN and west in AR as well.

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    Heres my story!

    At the arena working the game. Right before half time we heard an announcement a tornado was spotted and headed for us. The power went out in the parking lot so we thought it actually hit us so they paused the game to evacuat the higher bowl area down to the court. We all had to go into the court floor and sit or stand and lights were flashing, not a lot but it blinked a few times. We heard the siren going off, lasted 20 min and then it went away. Phones were shut down, no one could call anyone. rain lightning thunder it was nerve wracking.

    Thank god thats over with!

    Stop Searching. Start Traveling.


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      Looks like you had strong straight-line winds in your area from looking at the storm reports.

      I'll tell you, this is the most significant tornado outbreak we've seen in recent months. Unfortunately 44 fatalities reported, a total of 68 reports of tornadoes (actual number may be less or more, depending on what the NWS eventually finds). That's the danger in having a tornado outbreak that lasts well after sunset.