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Revenge of the Spiders: Let's reproduce!

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  • Revenge of the Spiders: Let's reproduce!

    As some of you may remember, I had a run-in with a recluse, and it gave me my first whiff of arachniphobia! Well, now I think anything with 8 legs should be kept in a sealed maximum security box. sure, I'm taking things a bit too far, but I feel it is time to do so in my house, atleast.

    Yesterday, while walking on the side walk in front of my house, we walked into the spider's web, which was about 7 ft diameter. It actually jumped off my head and went away into the grass ( I felt it land on my head, and saw it jumping away).

    Today, just ten minutes, ago, my sis and I were gettin ready to go to someone's house, and lo and behold! There were three webs, each being spun by different spiders on different trees/cars in our frontyard. All of them were the same size, all of them were frantically working to spin a web. Btw, each webs was atleast 8-10 ft. in diameter. Two of the webs had a little white sac in the middle of the web....which my sis and I assume to be eggs.

    WE love spiders as much as the next person does...just TELL ME HOW TO
    a) get them to leave our lawn (without introducing any other animal)

    b) destroy the eggs before I'm scared to step outside again.

    Cuz when I first saw it, I thaught it looked cool, and got a bit weary after finding out it was poisonous. All the spiders seem to find their way IN the house during winter, and thas something none of us want. So...any ideas? I'm tring to find permamnt solutions; apparently spraying water, flicking the spider away, and constantly destroying its web doesn't work....

    full-time spider coward since August 2003

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    I have really arachnophobia. I use sprays designed to kill em'. I live next to a field and they are abundant here.