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    Heya dudes,

    my first post on jetphotos after the crash of
    I am here in the US, currently in Las Vegas. Pretty awesome everything, including the women! Unfortunately most of them are hookers. They provide fantastisch sights nevertheless!

    Anyway, I have a question: I want to buy a laptop here in the US. I will travel to San Diego today and stay there 2 days untill I return to Amsterdam.

    Can anyone advice me where I can best buy a laptop? I saw Radio Shack on he way from Albuquerque to Las Vegas, is that a reliable shop with good deals?

    Thanks guys, I finally will be able to use FS again, as now I am still working on the same laptop as I did in Barcelona......that I already bought cheap because it was an oldie......

    Hope to hear from you, any adviced tech-specs ared welcome also as I know nothing about laptops. I am looking at least for a 2GB processor to do heavy multi-tasking.


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    Well, if you want to buy from a retail store, I guess Best Buy would be a good option if you can find one.

    As for the specs, they should be listed with the laptops. Or you could ask, but just know that many of the people working there might not know a whole lot about computers themselves.

    Either way, I'm sure you'll enjoy our falling dollar...