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    Hi all,

    I started a course in Media a few weeks back, but unfortunately I didn't like it and pulled out. The people were abit strange, and some women ended up getting upset because nobody wanted her to make breakfast

    Anyway while I was sat with the boss of it all was in like an interview with me. She mentioned that if I was to join then we'd be going to Ghana some time this year to help with stuff over there and also film. Unfortunately me pulling out meant I wouldn't be going, although im quite interested in giving it ago but not with those wierdos...

    Has anybody had any past experience in it and know any good sites. I've been searching but alot seem to be living in the area for a while. Im not to sure what to be looking or, so hopefully you lot can help me out.

    Anyway don't really mind where it is, so any help would be appreciated.

    *Please no Phone centres in Uganda though*

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    Peace corps?
    "The real CEO of the 787 project is named Potemkin"


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      Good for you for wanting to serve your fellow man. Best of luck in this endeavor.
      Sorry I couldn't give you any help in the matter, I just wanted to give you a few words of accolade and encouragement.


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        Originally posted by Alessandro
        Peace corps?
        If you mean the US Peace Corps, you have to be a US citizen.


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          You finally were probably right in pulling out from the course.
          Some recurrent problems in Non Profit Organizations often lay with some persons stuck in their certainities.
          You can keep trying your luck with NPOs which
          - pays your passage to get on location, no reason you have to do it, especially since tickets to Africa usually come to a PREMIUM !
          - offer a large variety of "jobs", the largest the better : in addition to medics, there are positions of logistic specialists, but be sure the competition will be rife for the ancilliary jobs, since NPOs have learned to seduce professionnal retirees
          I figure The ideal to be a mid-sizer, such as
          Atop, you get the big boys, to which you can try your luck. below, you get the specialists, usually and extremely focused, ie, kind of " yes you can volunteer, but you pay your ticket and we only invite bona-fide experience field doctors ...."

          Good luck
          Thanks for visiting
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            Hi Sam,

            You didn't mention anything about faith, and given that this forum is an environment where a need for faith in a Higher Power is not a requirement, this is offered for your consideration and nothing more.

            My "personal" experience was with Foursquare World Missions. While there was a religious factor to it, the work was not specifically dependant on my beliefs.

            That being said, there are any number of faith-based organizations that are working in Africa. I have no personal experience in that region as I spent a year in Mexico. I will say though that it was the turning point in my life.

            If you are seriously interested, I would encourage you to contact a local House of Worship (whichever denomination suits you).

            Find out if they have an outreach or have contact with organizations that do this work.

            Like I said, its not all about having a faith, rather, having a desire to help others.

            Best of luck to you.



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              Thanks fellas - uy707, to be honest, when they said the trip about Ghana I was suprised, as it's not something you'd expect on a media course. The people were very strange like I said, and I doubt i'd be comfatable with them for 2 weeks in a country I didn't know.

              Anyway still looking into it but really wouldn't mind travelling through Africa.