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Deaf Boy reaches settlement with discrimination lawsuit.

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  • Deaf Boy reaches settlement with discrimination lawsuit.

    Burger King settles student's lawsuit
    by William Kleinknecht/The Star-Ledger
    Tuesday February 12, 2008, 7:10 PM

    The owner of a Burger King franchise in Newark has agreed settle a lawsuit filed by a student who was fired after one day on the job because the owner discovered he wore hearing aids.

    Andy Patel, who owns the Burger King inside the University Hospital complex, reached a settlement with Jordan Myrie Feb. 5 as the student's lawsuit was about to begin trial in Superior Court in Newark.

    Being hearing-impaired myself, this is such a shame, however unexpected to see this happen, and glad to see it was finally settled.

    I feel bad for the boy, who got it as his first job and now had been afraid to start another one and I frankly don't blame him one bit.

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    Alex remember not everyone is an asshole.


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      Originally posted by ptbodale
      Alex remember not everyone is an asshole.
      Believe it or not the asshole who discriminate against me in terms of my choices and lifestyles are deaf people themselves from the deaf world they believe in...

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        Kind of reminds me when I was a supervisor.....

        We were hiring people at the place I worked (15 years ago). My duty was to interview and decide who was to get the 3 vacancies.
        I made my three choices 2 ladies and 1 gentleman in a wheel chair. I took the three of them on and signed them up to the company contract (3 months probationary).

        I introduced them to my manager. He was impressed with the two ladies (dirty old basta...). He took me to one side and said get rid of the 'cripple'.
        I said, why?, he can do the job we need from him and he has more experience than the two ladies put together.
        His reply pissed me off ' I don't want that type working here'.
        I tried my best to justify why I had chosen this lad. Manager revoked his contract after the 3 months probationary stating he was not good enough. In the 3 months this lad was there, everything he did was undermined by my manager.

        Unfortunatley bastards like my ex-manager do exist, but got his just deserts in the end (got caught by his wife sh*gging one of the girls I took on).

        My ex-manager probably still isnt aware how his wife found out about his affair


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          For an ultra short second I thought it said "Dead Boy reaches settlement...."

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