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Video: Dell Sales Call

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  • Video: Dell Sales Call

    This is REAL. My friend works for Dell in Austin. Wow...
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    Originally posted by FlyingPhotog

    This is REAL. My friend works for Dell in Austin. Wow...
    I don't get it southwest, is it supposed to be another anti latino racist thing??
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      I can see the very bad customer service angle. I can't imagine that taunting your "potential" customers is going to sell very many computers or do much for the return service. "Little girl"???

      Having said that, as I type this on my Dell computer, I have had really good experiences dealing with Dell (Canada)
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        Go look up: 'Fonejacker'. You might start to understand the concept behind this.

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          Originally posted by Kell Kong
          I don't get it, is it supposed to be another anti latino racist thing??

          WTF are you talking about? The guy was trying to buy a computer and the salesman was a prick. It has nothing to do with the sales rep being latino (Panamanian to be exact).
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            $30 for the floppy drive

            But yeah, it's poor service, although eventhough Dell might loose this guy as customer, I don't think it's going to hurt them that much. Did they fire the guy, or just repremand him?


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              From Dell....I'm not surprised


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                That's why I order online, no idiots to deal with.

                I only order monitors from Dell and the only problem I have is their standard shipping if with FedEX Ground, who is a shitload of contractors working for FexEX so they only carry the name. Then they deliver the same time everyday, where UPS delivers at different times to try and find a time when you're home. Then when you call to try and have them hold the package to pick up, oh wait you can't until they deliver the last time so you have to wait about a week. Not really a rant on Dell, but FedEx Ground.
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                  ROFL I remeber buying a flippin pc mouse in Best Buy and that one annoying seller was trying to sell me a plasma tv with it.. took me like 15 minutes to explain it to him that I don't want it and that I already have a tv at home..

                  Btw watch this one, its hilarious: