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Ferrari 360 Modena high speed crash (pics)

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    Originally posted by Messerschmitt Man
    I feel sorry for the concrete pillar, it was minding it's own business holding up it's part of the overpass then BAM.....
    Ahhh, I recall a pillar thinking the same in Paris a decade ago


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      My sympathy also goes for .... the Modena and the pilar. As for driver + passenger, they perished by carelessness
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        Originally posted by JordanD
        Eh, I can see it happening in a Ferrari. I'm sure quite a bit more challenging to drive than Grandma's Buick. Does the 360 have the engine mounted in the rear? Pardon my ignorance.

        Its a mid engine car, made mostly of plastic and carbon fiber. Ferrari could car less what kind of driver you are they will sell you the car regardless of your skill level. There are certain models that only people who have previously bought new Ferraris can purchase but those are few. Also the current Ferrari market is a racket. The dealer buys up as many Ferraris as he can get a hold of and resells them to his "customers" for up to $80,000 over sticker. The car I looked at the dealer wanted $300,000 for.
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          Ahh I see. Either way speed is speed. I'm sure you can just as easily kill yourself in an Accord or something. Although I'm sure people buy cars like this with speeding in mind.