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Shaq Goes Flying Into the Stands

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  • Shaq Goes Flying Into the Stands

    Pretty big-time dive by Shaq against San Antonio 4 days ago:

    And then two days later, the same thing seems about to happen, but the reaction by his teammates on the bench here is absolutely priceless:

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    Jackass, I would have fuck him up (non-gay kinda way) If he jumped onto the stands like that and landed on top of... Oh wait, You're talking about O Neal.. Never mind then ..

    The second video was really funny. Shaq is the only one who can clear the benches that fast. lol.. I wonder what it feels like to actually get whole 300lb dude on your face?
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      He definitely jumped on purpose in the first video. Perhaps he was really trying to avoid the two kids at the front. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt this time.


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        Nothing a coach loves more than someone hustling their ass off for a loose ball.

        I'll never forget the time I intercepted a full court pass (6'5" 225 pounds) right at the out of bounds line and my momentum kept me going forward right into the other teams head coach. He was probably about 5'6" and not very heavy. We ended up in the second row of the stands together. I was surprised he wasn't hurt.

        Shaq did a good job of missing those kids in the first row...he definitely jumped on purpose. He could have hurt those kids pretty damn bad.

        The second video was just hilarious...
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          Hahhahahaha! I'd jump out of the way too.