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  • The mystery begins

    A chill blew through the air as SWA733captain scurried up the path to the windblown mansion on the hill. He knocked twice on the impressive solid oak door. The door creaked open and he entered the warm interior. he handed his coat to the butler who turned off into the inky blackness tho the left. Scott walked down the dusty hallway to the main room where there were already guests gathering. Mike reading a "Teen people", Clovis fingering an ornate figurine over the blazing fireplace. Jake and frist relating stories about there time in the hood. Richter showing off his window shots to anyone who would care. Tanuj and Jeff argued about ISO settings and other various oddities. Jess was flirting with the available males. Kilroy was poring over baseball stats while Rolek looking longingly at pictures of LOT 763's. Scott entered and took a seat. Soon afterward Will entered and him and Scott started a debate about the merits of Plane A vs. Plane B. After a bit of time the ornate Grandfather clock in the corner chimed 5pm. And the bell for dinner was rung. the guests all took a seat but the chair at the head of the table was kept open for someone who would appear later. The food was brought out by the Butler and his wife who was the chef. It was steak, potatoes, with apple pie for dessert. Suddenly the front door burst open and in came Ansett fresh from the great Southern land. he hopped down the hall and took a seat at the head of the table. "Sorry I'm late, bloody ground transfer at LAX set me back" he offered in the way off an excuse. "So what's there to eat" he stated as he looked around at the demolished remains of the other guests dinner. "Fritos" replied the Butler "Steak if you had flown a reliable airline though SFO" Ansett turned his face down as the butler poured a heaps of salty corn ships on his plate. He finished his glorified snack and the guests took their leave. The Butler showed the guests to their rooms on the second story of the house. Anset got the front tower room with the guest alphabetically arrayed around the with the stairs in the center. The guests put their traveling items in order and one by one fell asleep. Around midnight a horrible scream awoke them from their dreams and the rushed to the source of the sound--Ansett's room. They entered and found him leaned against the wall, stiff with a look of extreme horror on his face. the guests looked uneasily around at each other and returned to their rooms and the confidence morning brings. But all carried the same thought on their mind, except one, who could have killed Ansett?

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    Thanks for including me!

    You could have at least said "...and DeltaASA16 walked by in the backround as..."



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      I can't includes everyone. If I did I would have around 900 guests and then it's not a mystery it's a mosh pit gone wild. I included some of the more prominent forum members and notice how I'm not included (yet). So there might be some chance but don't stop breathing.

      Part 2 should be out later today or tomorrow.


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        I was only kidding... :P

        But see if you can slip me in in the background!? Please!



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          Re: The mystery begins

          Originally posted by Greg
          "Sorry I'm late, bloody ground transfer at LAX set me back" he offered in the way off an excuse. "So what's there to eat"
          That are a lot of words for a man who usually communicates with only a smile or a wink. Very unusual, he must have known his end was near

          Nice story...


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            Yeah but you can't scream in emoticons.


            Check out part 2. It is a bit dry but it's more of staging for parts 3 and onward.

            And yes DeltaASA16 you are in part2.


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              Was it ANSETT even? Or did someone take his place in a failed attempt to get away from something?