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    The guests came down the next morning to Mike in the kitchen cooking up some bacon. They expressed delight at having hot food for the first time in a long time. The sat down to the hot food happily except for Richter who eyed it with disgust. "Are you sure there are no papayas in the fridge" he asked Mike "No but there is some sausage if you would like" replied Mike. Richter rolled his eyes in disgust at this and took a small piece of bacon. he had just finished chewing his first bite when a horrible look passed over his face. Slowly he slid out of his chair pulseless. The guests dropped their bacon and all looked at Mike. "watch'a looking at me for?" said Mike. The some guests shook their heads in disgust while other busied themselves with the task of removing Ryan's body. Breakfast was forgotten and disposed of accordingly. The guests decided to congregate to form hypothesis's to their questions. Jess went first "I believe there is a fanatic warmonger among us intent on destruction." everyone but Tanuj snorted in amusement. "Why don't you beleive that" said Tanuj "There is obviously a violent and unstable person in our midst" CK interjected "That sounds like Clovis when he's drunk", "Eh, but what about you Kilroy" retorted Clovis "Like the time in Manchester when you started hitting on the sheep?" "Oh just shut up" countered CK. "Will you two behave for once" said Jess. Rolek nodded in approval and mike lifted his head from The unauthorized biography of Amanda Bynes to say "Suppose one of us is a cruel hardened murderer" he then put his head back into his book and continued reading. The other guests looked shocked. This had never occurred to them. they thought they knew their fellow forumites. CK stammered 'Well that's another possibility" The guests stammered and slowly walked to their rooms where they barricaded themselves in. Ready to spend another day in fear.

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    Still scared
    I walked across an empty land
    I knew the pathway like the back of my hand
    I felt the earth beneath my feet
    Sat by the river and it made me complete


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      That was my favorite episode for some reason.
      Try to catch me flyin dirty...