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  • O U T R A G E!!!!

    The reason I titled this topic what I titled it is for one reason:

    When the papers rolled out on September 12, 2001, the Atlanta-Journal
    Consitution's fronp page had that word on it. For two years, I've been
    trying to find something outrageous. My search is now over.

    Saturday, August 23, 2003.

    I-75 Northbound, inside a Nissan Maxima.

    There were three passengers in the car, and they were completing the 150 mile strech from Macon, GA to thier home in Suburban ATL. The driver, whose name I will not name, was the mother of one of my better friends. She is 30 years old, married and has two kids. The person sitting in the back seat wasa 28 year old woman-unmarried and no kids. She was returning from herdriving licence test (she had passed!) and was relaxing. She had a flight to New Hampshire in a few days, and had come down South to visit her sister.

    The third woman was in the front passenger seat. She had recently come from India recently, and was accompanying her two daughters on the journey. She was 53 years old.

    They kept on driving North towards ATL, when a red Nissan Sentra showed up on the mirror. HE was travelling rather fast, and they thought he ws liable for a wreck. Then a few seconds later, the red sentra hit a car moving along on the freeway. Then the sentra swung back into the original lane, and - BLANK

    That's the last any of the ocupants of the Nissan Maxima recall. From police reports and witnesses, it was later figured that the sentra's impact on the three womn's maxima had sent the car tumbling roof over wheels 5-6 times before breaking through a metal guardrail and falling on an embankment 20 feet below the freeway.

    The youngest daughter (the one from NH) walked out of the wreck. The driver was cut up pretty bad, and she was taken out of the car by an ambulance. She and her sister went to the hospital for wonds, scrapes, and other injuries.

    But the mother of the two women was not so lucky. Her side had hit the guardrail and the floor, and the car was caved in around her. Reports would indicate that she had died instantly. The two daughters are on thier way to recovery now. The mother was cremated in ATL as per Hindu tradition.

    So accidents happen right? Of course they do. But I'v never seen such a downfall.

    The driver of the red sentra fled the scene of the accident immediatly. After running a scan on the car's plate, the police found an adress. The man who answered the door said that the car was stolen from him recently.

    There is still no word of the man, or his whereabouts.
    Also, all three of them were wearing seat belts in thier proper way.

    So the next time you're cursing at some one in anger or just being pissed off, think about how lucky you are to be living and breathing in this chaotic world. There are so many things that can go wrong in life, but atleast you are here....and alive.

    Here is a likk to info about the accident:


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    You're right. Sometimes it's important to sit back and put all of one's "problems" into perspective. Stories like that make ya think about how lucky one really is.