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Felicidades Miss Venezuela!!!

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  • Felicidades Miss Venezuela!!!

    YAY! Senorita Venezuela 2008 has been crowned Miss Universe 2008! The contestants were as gorgeous as can be, but she shone when it came to simply keeping her composure under pressure. Her reply to the question "Who had it easier in life - men or women" is what simply set her apart from the other contestants.

    So, without much further ado - I present Miss Universe 2008!

    Look at that smile!!!

    Oh, and another worthy mention (yes, yes - the bias will always be there), is Miss Trinidad and Tobago - the ever beautiful... Anya Ayoung-Chee.

    And the crowd favorite - the 'home-town hero' - Miss Vietnam!

    In true Indian fashion - Miss India has penned her first movie contract (even prior to her return home), and will, for the very least have a job offer with Kingfisher waiting for her arrival.

    Major salute to Miss Mexico for trying this daring piece... (Que Rico!)

    By far, one of the most photogenic contestants was the pride of Australia:

    And - simply put - she was nothing short of mesmerizing. She did not make it into the pool of final contestants, but she captivated me. Truly an incredibly beautiful girl, Miss Uraguay.

    Whatever is necessary, is never unwise.

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    I'll take her, and 30 million barrels of oil.
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      Originally posted by Cam
      I'll take her, and 30 million barrels of oil.
      Crude or KY?


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        I'll make more money off the crude!
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