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    Maybe i missed the point. Put this on english not being my native language. I just wanted to point out that in this case (Revenue from advertisments) theres no difference between the 2 sites.


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      There are many similarities, but also many differences such as the site owner mentioning the name of whereas Johan merely mentions as "that other aviation site". I personally don't have a problem with the way he runs his site, but I also try to stay out of situations that would put me in a place to argue with him. it seems to be worthless to argue either way because it has been discussed in depth many times and nothing has come of it because both camps have their facts and will stick to them till hell freezes over.



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        santi jet wrote:
        LOL I can't believe there is a site about trains!!

        I wonder what they say about us plane fans .....
        there saying: LOL i can't believe there is a site about airplanes!!

        i wonder what they say about us train fans .....[/quote]
        My New Photo Name on is DutchAviation!!!!

        why should we fight about wich aircraft manufactor is better..............

        thats so childish....

        because hey we all know boeing is better


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          I used to have the same view as Peter. I thought he was a good enough guy, who had built up a great site for people to meet and discuss a common and fantastic hobby.. I was proud to be a part of it.

          Then, as IRC chat was abandoned and the site chatroom showed absolutely no signs of perking up, Johan decided to sack me and fellow chat operators without a) a word about doing it at all or b) without so much as a tahnk you, particularly to some of the more experienced Op's like KLM747 and others.

          The courtesy First Class membership was revoked also, adding insult to injury as it would have been a nice "goodbye" present.

          Now, I'm proud to be part of the family helping out in the chatroom watching those lunatics chat away

          I still like, but Johan has gone down in my estimation significantly.

          BTW, Johan - it was a pleasure.


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            Well the following is not much of an insightful or deep commentary, but....I like both sites! Each has their stregenths and weaknesses. I have had a number of personal contacts with Johan and indeed he can get a bit defensive but he really is not a bad guy. My last converstaion with Johan was ironically over this site. Short story, he made a rebuttal on A.Net's forum to my defense of Jetphotos when JP was in it's infancy a year or so ago. This was followed by a couple of personal e-mails between us on this topic. Regardless of our disagreement over JP and it's rights to exist (maybe we should bring in the UN on this and get a resoultion drawn up ) I remain a non-paying forum member and my 392 photos remain on that site, even though I no longer submit work there (or here), frankly I do enjoy both forums very much.

            BTW, Iam Thomasphoto60 on A.Net

            Click Here to view my aircraft photos at JetPhotos.Net!