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I went to Hawaii last week

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  • I went to Hawaii last week

    It was awesome! Went for 7 nights. Here is some photo's I took incase anyone is interested.

    En route From Auckland to Honolulu, just about to cross over the equator:

    The hotel I stayed at (Wyland Waikiki):

    View from hotel room balcony:

    Police officer in Waikiki; this scene was interesting for me because police don't carry handgun's on them in New Zealand (apart from airport police). Also it's legal to ride a motorcycle without a helmet & also legal to ride in the back of pickup trucks, both are illegal in NZ.

    View of Honolulu from Diamond Head, It was really hot on the climb up:

    Went snorkling at Hanauma Bay, there was heaps of coral & fish. The day I went snorkling there the water was choppy so wasn't the best for snorkling. We had to wait in line for at least half an hour to get in as it was a very popular beach. I got sunburned really bad on my back (opps) & I lost my watch here hopefully I can claim insurance on it though.

    Went to Pearl Harbor to see the USS Arizona, it was amazing to see the ship still leaking oil after all these years:

    Had a look through the Pacific Aviation Museum, it was really interesting:

    Part II coming soon!

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    GREAT PICS! Keep them coming! Oh, and sorry about your watch! I can't believe that the Arizona is still leaking oil. Someone should tap it!
    Whatever is necessary, is never unwise.


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      Originally posted by AA 1818
      I can't believe that the Arizona is still leaking oil. Someone should tap it!
      Fasinating ay, when I was looking down at the ship on the platform you could see parts of the water above the wreak had a rainbow effect to it, that was from the leaking oil. Also before I went to Hawaii I assumed the USS Arizona was just a shipwreak but now I know it's that as well as a tomb to over 1000 sailors, they sealed the wreak up. They are considered buried at sea by the US Navy. I didn't take this photo but it shows the USS Arizona in good detail as well as the memorial platform;

      I hired this Chrysler Sebring Convertible for a day & drove it around Oahu. I coulden't have managed without the gps & it being auto because it was the first time for me driving on the right hand side of the road, this & the different road rules compared to NZ took up all my concentration. It was the nicest car I've ever driven, it was awesome driving it next to the coastline with the roof down :

      The famous Waikiki Beach;

      Here is a few photo's where gorgeous women got in the way of my shot... what can I say? Woops.

      Finally here are some low light photos;

      Camera used was a Canon 5MP incase anyone is wondering.


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        Excellent set of pictures, thanks for sharing. I guess you had a good time?