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Applying to work for a local newspaper

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  • Applying to work for a local newspaper

    Hi All,

    Today I phoned the local newspaper to see if they wanted any part time photographers, to shoot local sports or whatever. They put me onto their head office which a media company in Sydney.

    I have been asked to supply my resume (which I dont have), so I will have to put that together. I have been also asked to put on the resume my hourly charge....I have absolutely no idea what would be expected to be the going rate for a local paper.

    I know rates will be different from country to country, but does anyone have any advice for me? Do any of you do this same sort of work?

    Also, what should a photography resume include? I suppose I would include say half a dozen photos, would this be right?

    Any help is greatly apreciated.

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    Here in America the rates are going lower and lower. It's weird they are asking for a resume. I think perhaps they're thinking you want a full time job.

    I have never approached a paper to shoot something for them, they generally come to me if they need something shot and don't have the people. I don't think it's about a resume, but your portfolio of work. Papers here in America are falling left and right. I'd say for a smaller paper the average is $50, while a larger would tend to run between $50-$100 per assignment. It's not enough in my book.
    Tanner Johnson - Owner
    twenty53 Photography