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Whos a senior this year?

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  • Whos a senior this year?

    Yeah who? And what classes are you taking?

    I got stuck with:

    -Pre Calculus (Because they said I didnt get enough Math credits in France )
    -Photography (Yeay )
    -AP French (looks good on your college transcript :P )


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    Don't you get to choose your subjects?
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      Yeah, I got to chose Photography, French, English and Physics (it was Physics of Chem...).



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        My Senior year classes (Last year of course)

        AP Stats
        Glee Club
        Euro History
        Environmental Science



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          And that was Physics OR Chemistry and I chose Physics



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            by US Standards I'll be a senior next year, but I don't get to choose subjects that way, I'll have to see:

            -Technology (this one is a weird one from my school)
            -Physic Education (Sports and those things)

            Way too much isn't it??


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              Lemme see... I graduated this year, so I think I was what you're talking about.

              History (5 lessons per week)

              German (3 lessons per week)

              Informatics (special co-op between school and local businesses)

              Physical Education (2 lessons per week)


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                I'm also a senior, college senior:

                This semester, I'm taking:

                -Design of Steel Structures
                -Design of Concrete Structures
                -Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
                -Urban Planning
                -Survey of Philosophy

                As you can see, I'm a Civil Engineering major, with a concentration in Structural Engineering...

                In my high school senior year I took these classes (as best as I can remember, since this was back in 199:

                -Linear Algebra
                -Religious Education (although established as a lay school, it adopted Catholic religious education that year)
                -Drafting (technical drawing)
                -Computer Education

                Just like I said, as best as I can remember, this was 5 years ago!!!

                A Colombian guy moved by the winds of fate to St. Louis, MO


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                  Alas, I am just a lowly sophomore! Fell free to do as you please, for my rights have been alienated by the upperclassmen of education!

                  Ya..any way, I'm taking:

                  AP World History
                  Honors Algebra II
                  Gifted US LIterature
                  Honors Spanish II (wanted to take french or german )
                  Word Processing I
                  Honors Chemistry

                  'course, as i sed, I'm only a sophomore....


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                    Next year I'll be a senior. As a junior I have the following classes:

                    AP US History
                    Visual Basic I
                    Fitness for Life I
                    Algebra II
                    Sem: AP US History
                    Honors Physics
                    AP English Literature and Composition
                    Instrumental Instruction: Brass


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                      I'm a college Sophmore (shy of being a junior by about 2 credits). This semester I'm taking Basic Attitude Instrument Flying (first course towards my instrument rating), Aviation Meteorology II, Intro to Weather Modification, and Physics (blech, 5 credits worth)


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                        Just a sophomore here, too. Our upperclassmen actually haven't taken advantage of us...real nice to be honest !

                        My classes:
                        -English II CP (could've taken Honors, didn't want to read over the summer)
                        -Algebra II CP
                        -Computer Keyboarding I
                        -Sports Medicine (next semester)
                        -Chemistry (we have no Honors Chemistry at our school)
                        -Spanish II
                        -Intro To Business
                        -U.S. History (Honors)




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                          That's funny. When I read "senior" I was thinking people aged 65 and over. Well I'm not a student anymore, but I still go to high school. I teach grade 11 and 12 English here in Germany.


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                            Don't know if you are talking about senior in high school or college. If your talking about high school, here it is:

                            -Tech Theater
                            -CP 7/8 English
                            -CP US Government
                            -YearBook(Photographer) this will be my 2nd year of YearBook.
                            -TA for a chem. teacher



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                              Yeah I changed my courses I'm in:

                              -Physics 1-2
                              -CP Economics/US History
                              -CP English 7-8
                              -AP French
                              -Geometry 1-2