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if u where as rich as bill gates....

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  • if u where as rich as bill gates....

    if i was as rich all bill gates i would have my own 777 and leerjet, i would have a lambougini like the one on the botton of this page. i would have a feriari F360 f1, i would have the top of the line benz, i would have a bently, i would have a landrover, and maybe a hummer. i would have a big speedy boat (i would use the hummer to pull it or the landrover) i would have a big RV buss sonvert with a trailer on the end that matched for one of my cars and i would have a big brand new masion.
    frist is my last name, not a type-o

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    Great, thanks for sharing. Is that it?


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      no dude i meant what would u want to have that u dont already, mine was just and example
      frist is my last name, not a type-o


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        If I were rich as Bill Gates, hmmm....
        I'd buy my own F-15C, an F-15E, the USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76) along with all of the planes on board the aircraft carrier, an airport with my name as the airport name, couple of corporate jets, a 777 for private use, JetBlue airlines, and a HUGE mansion in Beverly Hills I guess that would be it for right now


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          If I were as rich as Bill Gates I would buy fristclass a new computer equipped with spell check.
          "You can run but you'll die tired."
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            If i were as rich as bill gates i would have a couple hunderd hookers, my own condem production company and a magazine designed to compete with Playboy :P


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              first, pay for my tuition here at ERAU. Then, put it all away so people don't like me for the money. Just, pay for the tuition and perhaps a couple hundred a month to keep me truckin!

              Then, after ive become happily married, buy my own P-51! I would get a F-15 except civies aren't allowed by FARs to operate aircraft over the sound barrier.

              For the rest of the money...ah probably give it away. Just enough to keep the P-51 in operating condition. The airline pilot paychecks should keep me happy!



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                Originally posted by Boeing752R
                If I were as rich as Bill Gates I would buy fristclass a new computer equipped with spell check.
                thanks i could use one , its not my spelling that sucks its my typing that sucks, i spell stuff wrong the computer becuase im always typing so fast
                frist is my last name, not a type-o


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                  I'd get all my ratings done, buy a nice house in El Segundo near LAX, get a nice car, get a 10D with a 100-400L, 80-200L, 28-105, 17-35 and a few 3GB CF cards, a new PC, a 100Mbps internet connection, and:

                  -Buy a Piper J-3 Cub, a P-38 Lightning, a Curtiss Jenny, a DC-3 and an private 727, G-V, BBJ.
                  -Fly ChrisK, Dan, L, N down to SXM for a month in the BBJ.
                  -Rent every single room in the Maho Beach resort and have ice wars in the hall ways and elevators.
                  -Charter an Islander and fly to St. Barts and Saba
                  -Give my mom 5 billion
                  -Buy a new watch
                  -Buy a house in SXM
                  -Buy an apartment in central Paris, London and NYC.
                  -Go to UCLA and major in photography
                  -Buy an Atoll somewhere in the Pacific.
                  -Buy L whatever she wants...



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                    I'd buy Avianca and put it as the world class airline it once was and put the red scheme back.
                    I'd pay the external debt of Colombia, with the condition that the economic movements would have to be monitored by me as there are still some corrupt people here.
                    I'd buy a personal MD-11.
                    And I'd buy the "normal" things (BMWs, Big Houses, big TVs, all videogames and that things)..


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                      Move to Africa and overthrow a unstable government.


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                        I'd buy out and make it Johan free.


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                          As AV757 said, I'd also buy Avianca, but to be more specific, I'd renew the whole fleet like this:

                          6 Boeing 777-259ER
                          8 Boeing 757-259
                          16 Boeing 737-859
                          12 Embraer ERJ-145

                          I'd also add CDG, LHR and YYZ to the destinations list.

                          A Colombian guy moved by the winds of fate to St. Louis, MO


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                            If I had that much money, I'd go mad....just by staring at the number of zeros after the significant digits....

                            BUt if I didn't go mad (which is doubtful), I would give my parents 15 billion dollars off the bat. After raising a kid like me, they deserve it!
                            Assuming ole Billy had 60 billion bux at his peak...

                            I would buy a 777-300 and a 747-400 for long trips; a 767 will be it for medium haul, and my Lambi/Porche/Helicopter can cover the rest!

                            I would give atleast 20 billion dollars to my relatives who were unfortunate to not come to the UNited States. They have improved my life significantly, and deserve every penny of it. (I guess the total would come out to be much less than $20,000,000,000 since I have a lot of cousins).

                            The rest would go to charity.

                            Seriously..... 60,000,000,000 count the zeros, yould you!


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                              Seriously..... 60,000,000,000 count the zeros, yould you!
                              I did a report on Bill Gates a couple of years ago, and I think I remember reading that he's worth an estimated $90,000,000,000.00 (90 billion dollars) And yes, that's billion with a 'B' But that was a while ago, so who knows how much he has now