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FAIL! Woman out $400K to 'Nigerian scam'

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  • FAIL! Woman out $400K to 'Nigerian scam'

    SWEET HOME, Ore. – Janella Spears doesn’t think she’s a sucker or an easy mark.

    Besides her work as a registered nurse, Spears – no relation to the well-known pop star – also teaches CPR and is a reverend who has married many couples. She also communicates with lightning-fast sign language with her hearing-impaired husband.

    So how did this otherwise lucid, intelligent woman end up sending nearly half a million dollars to a bunch of con artists running what has to be one of the best-known Internet scams in the world?

    It just hurts to read it...

    Chasen, are free to issue harsh sarcastic remarks...
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    And here I thought she worked for the weather service and actually believed the forecasts.


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        related to Britney's clan?

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          This thread reminds me of where people scam the scammer's & in one case I know of a guy got around $80 U.S FROM a Nigerian scammer lol.


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            There is a lot of variations of these type of scams.

            Nigerian Conman Caught Doing The "Black Money" Scam
            http://www.TheCrimeShop.comThe Black Money ScamABC News 20/20 Featured a story tonight (Friday, March 9th 2007) about this Nigerian con called the "Black Mon...


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              It's bad enough to just be an idiot. But it's a whole lot worse to be a greedy idiot.


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                Wait a second... you mean Princess Whazzername from Ivory Coast isn't going to put $15M in my bank account?

                There goes my retirement plans...


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                  I can't believe people are still falling for these things.


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                    I can't believe people still even read these emails nevermind reply to them with money

                    People will be falling for this fella next....


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                      She believed too much in miracles.
                      Don't worry for her, some have taken over in Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso and Benin
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                        I have seen in my email, too. I click report spam all the time. Don't trust people in email asking for ATM lost data password, child loss parents will give you a million of dollars if child pass college after 19 years old, many things are trick you that's a bull of lie. People are crazy outside country or even in USA, too. Also be careful They know how to get bank logo from your real bank look alike internet email. They ask for account number and get a new free checking book or etc.. DON'T REPLY to them!! Call your bank first before suspicous. I had once I knew it was fake. I reported my email forward to my bank email for scam.


                        PS- last year one young lady told me I got email I think I won lotto in email. I laughed I told her that's a FAKE! Don't reply to them. She said I didn't know that! Oh man! LOL!