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  • The story behind the screenname...

    As I have read over and over, we have happened upon many an interesting s/n over the years. Some are as constant to our identities that many of us refer to each other by our s/n's and not by our real names. I often wondered if "Screaming Emu" was chosen b/c of the picture or vice-versa. is it right for us to still refer to the great man as DeltaFlyer as such citing the fact that he no longer works for Delta? Or rather, is the name now more-so appropriate in that he can actually now be a real flyer on Delta and not be viewed as an employee? "Crunk415balla" seems appropriate when viewed in a vaccum, but the man is so much more than that, oftentimes that it makes me chuckle to think of said man actually playing any sport that requires a ball for he would probably be all to aptly called "crunk415balla" . The abovementioned examples are such good sports that I feel free to use them as examples. I hope that I am not tarred and feathered for my actions - or worse, racconned and Dash-8'ed into silence!
    So, in an effort to better know each other - let's discuss it.

    How, what, why, when, where did you choose your s/n?
    Why do you like/dislike your s/n?
    Have you ever wanted to change it? Have you ever changed it? If you could change it - to what and why?
    Oh, and to not be mean (I mean it, be nice) if you could propose a new s/n for someone - what would it be and why?
    Whatever is necessary, is never unwise.

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    PMN is simply my initials... Paul Michael Nichols. How dull and boring is that?! I've occasionally thought changing it to something else entirely appropriate like 'Fatso' could work as well though!

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      Nice thread

      On almost ervy website something like this comes along, from time to time.

      WRXFlyer refers to my other hobby; rallysport!
      Subaru World Rally team is active in rallysport with an Impreza WRX rallycar, ( unfortunately not with very good results last years), a 300+ bHp car that I owned myself as well.( as you can see in my avatar)
      That name creates a combination between my car-hobby and aviation.

      If I have to sell my car, i will go for a s/n like Flyer, or something like that



      • #4 my name.

        I made it to be really generic when I joined and was surprised that no one else had it.

        I'd kinda like to change it to either hockeypro or debob which are names that I use on every other board.

        "Hockeypro" is my gaming name, and always has been because I play hockey...and I'm not terribly bad at it. No, I'm not pro, but it has a cool ring!

        "Debob" is just a mixture between my last name and my first name... Bobby DeBarge.
        Bobby DeBarge
        1999 Firebird Driver| Aviation Enthusiast


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          Good question, thanks for asking and opening the thread

          uy - stands as now extinct Cameroon Airlines' two letter IATA designator
          707 - stands for the Boeing 707
          basic reasons why -
          I once used to be a regular user, while the airline was at the early stage of its existence
          UY also provided with some promising change in aircrafts then operating to/from DLA
          Until then and courtesy of UTA and Air Afrique, Mighty Eight enjoyed a monopoly on the routes to Paris, this from 1963 until 1971 inclusive.

          OK we'll resume the discussion later, (off-topic)
          they are plenty of monitors avialable
          I am seating in front of # 225
          Now guess where sits a prick, a messanger addicted jerk and more, right on 226 !!!
          Just that because walking just a couple more yards pisses him off
          Wish him the worst
          Thanks for visiting
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            My name is Cameron....Cam is the short version.
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              Brian = My first name.
              W = My surname initial.
              999 = If you're in the UK and need my professional services ? That's the phone number you call.
              If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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                I'd rather not explain what "Chaudard" means in French.. let's not be silly and agree that it comes from a french comedy character that takes place in WW2.

                That's the one on the left


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                  Jordan = my first name.
                  D = My last initial. I thought about changing it but it's what everybody here knows me has. Plus I don't care too much about my screename.


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                    ptbodale because we have another distinguished Dale on this site (G-DALE). The ptbo is shortform for Peterborough (YPQ) where I live.

                    I never thought about another name but some of the guys I work with thought my pet name for pilots would be good. I tend to refer to pilots as dumbf--cks, however not all of them are like that. Some good ones drop by here!


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                        My dream job is to fly for Alaska Airlines someday.
                        You've got to try to find what's right before your eyes-Finger Eleven


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                          Shakermaker is one of my favourite tracks on Oasis' debut album.
                          For the love of God, folks, don't try this at home.


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                            I was originally going to choose Thunderchief
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                              My first half-way decent camera is the reason for the name. My Kodak Z740. Since then I have moved on to a 350D which I am much more fond of.